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Wood Wood Berlin
Wood Wood Berlin
Wood Wood Berlin

Wood Wood Berlin


– Retail Communication, Content Strategy, Traffic Generating

The Challenge

Wood Wood is a cutting edge streetwear label based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite it’s great popularity amongst young fashionistas the Berlin branch is frequented modestly.

Key Objectives - Engage young fashion aficionados with the Berlin Wood Wood shop. Stoke interest in the experiencing of the brand in Berlin to generate foot traffic in the shop.

The Solution

Strategy - A store like a friend - The shop presents it’s self as the house of Wood Wood in Berlin - The audience gets to know the family, their products and their stock’s availability through a warmly, informal behavior.


The running of the Wood Wood home: The sales staff shares their product insights in a movie clip by explaining the making while letting the audience know about the restock of their most anticipated garment in a photo or the family’s celebrity friend visit in their selfie-guestbook.


Touching on different types of content such as styling tips, product shots and links to Wood Wood global Facebook functions as the core platform for communicating next to Instagram as a photo diary and Mixcloud being the sound of the house.

Wood Wood Berlin presents it’s self in expressive tonality with a bouyant and blithed manner. Accompanied by a people centric imagery with products in action.