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Factory Hackathon #1
Factory Hackathon #1
Factory Hackathon #1

Factory Hackathon #1


– Hackathon, Digital Economy, Community Engagement

The Challenge

The Factory Berlin is a young up and coming company in the digital economy. With much media attention and little expose to the start up scene.

Key Objectives - Engage Berlin’s start up scene with the Factory Berlin. Broaden the brand’s popularity and fuel the company’s core product’s credibility as assets for a strong, top notch working environment. The Solution

Strategy - Factory Hackathon #1 - A hackathon for and powered by the Berlin coder and start up scene. Within 24h time contestants work on the subject of ‘Seamless Travel’ while making use of the Factory coworking space’s advanced environment.


Next to exiting prices sponsored by VW, Google, Uber and Lufthansa contestants are given the opportunity to test their work on the spot with a VW Golf provided for test drives as well as Google representatives evaluating winning projects.


Next to OOH socials are used to promote the hacking event within the start up community. The Factory also uses their own campus for the communication of the event as well as members of the cowering community to spread the word via word-of-mouth.